WHole Mind

This is the sports maniac, also named Wesley, doing some of the first blogging of the year–and even that has multiple meanings because I have not been able to blog and develop a concept in stream of consciousness style writing for almost two years. I have had a space to fill that is hard to imagine getting back.

When writing in this manner, it is difficult to fully contain your purpose in the expression you are attempting to convey. What you are trying to say doesn’t always come out right, but it does come out and you are there left with a conversational tone that helps readers to follow where you are intending to go with your expression.

When a sports figure of any type is found with a mental health issue, it is difficult to completely form a matter of opinion versus a matter of fact. Masking heads or tails of the way that things play out. With Simone Biles during the Olympics in 2021 or Antonio Brown recently leaving the field and throwing off his shirt, both of these circumstances suggest that perhaps there is a whole mind with a hole in it. Something missing from the equation. Something left to be explained.

A whole mind can still have a hole in it. Holes in the mind are real things. I am not talking just about forgetting things or brain damage, although those things can be symptomatic of holes in the mind. Holes in the mind are places where we do not have cohesion in our thinking. Experiencing your whole mind is not easy and a hole in your mind is also difficult to bring together. Do you have a whole mind with a hole in it? I may and that is okay.

This is not a diagnosis. I am explaining what makes an interesting story. Having a hole in one whole mind. Things can have multiple meanings intended at one moment in time. Writing can be a creative process that changes the nature of communication. I can mean that hole in one whole mind is like hitting a golf ball 210 yards directly into a cup. That type of achievement could be one definition. Another could be that there is a vacant space where the entirety of a mind dwells.

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